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ARK Programs

     ARK Job Search:

Soon after the creation of ARK, the drop-in centre was converted into a 'C@P' site, which means that it is equipped with computers for everyone to use. This comes in handy because it also allows people to search job listings via the internet, make up resumes, and also look for apartments and other places to stay. The computers provide a faster, more efficient way to look for solutions to many of the problems that plague Halifax's street youth.

     ARK Foot Clinic:

The ARK Foot Clinic has been running for some time now, and has been very successful in their goals and progress. The homeless of today, besides having little food and shelter, also have totally inadequate footwear, if any. This means that there is a problem with foot care that continues to grow with every passing day. The Foot Clinic was established in an effort to combat this growing problem. Whether it be to give a new pair of shoes to someone who has none, give a foot massage to someone's tired feet, or simply a bath to have a fresh start, the Foot Clinic is always there.

     ARK Sunday Suppers:

The Sunday Suppers have been around even longer than ARK has, and are a once a week effort to give some of the homeless a hot meal. The suppers are run out of the church on the corner of Robie St. and Coburg Rd., and are not limited to just the street youth of Halifax. They try to serve all categories of people as best they can, relying heavily on their very small group of volunteer workers. While the Sunday Suppers are not strictly an ARK program, it is run by the same group of committed people who are responsible for keeping ARK going. Because some of the regulars who visit ARK also go to the Sunday Suppers, they seem to go hand in hand. The Sunday Suppers continue to be the best place in town for excellent food, donated by the public, where the smiles and the meal are always free of charge.

     ARK Art:

Lastly on the list, and the most recent addition to the ARK programs page, is the art program which ARK is encouraging every day. Through donations by the public, ARK has managed to put together some very impressive displays, some of which can be seen on the walls of the centre, or even in the photo gallery on the 'About ARK' page of this very site. Drawing, painting, and pottery are amongst some of the disciplines which ARK has been promoting to the people who visit their centre. In an effort to stimulate creativity and enhance the quality of life for all of their visitors, ARK has been extremely successful in this area.

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