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ARK is always in need of fresh supplies to give to the people they serve. However, although ARK is grateful for the spirit of donation within the community, there are some rules and standards which donations must meet in order to be accepted. If you would like to make a contribution of any kind, whether it be money or goods, please consult the list below for information on what ARK needs first and foremost, or for any special instructions regarding the type of donation you wish to make. Please send an e-mail to ARK with the kind of donation in the subject field and then any requests for pick up/drop off times, comments, special instructions, etc., should go in message field. This system will help ARK to keep track of everyone's gifts, in order that nothing be misplaced or forgotten.

An example of how to fill out the e-mail correctly is located below.

In order to make the donation, simply click on the appropriate category below and an e-mail with ARK's address, along with the subject filled in, should show up. If your donation doesn't fit into one of the categories listed, simply use the "cash/misc. items" category and ARK will sort it out. Also, in the event that the link does not bring up a new e-mail message, please send an e-mail to info@halifaxark.50megs.com with your donation request and an additional note mentioning the problem with the link. Thanks.

how to send an ARK e-mail

ARK "Needs" List (And some wants!)

Special Request

Lack of ventilation in the drop-in is making for a muggy summer. We would greatly appreciate the donation of an air conditioner to attach to our furnace. If the donation also came with a person who was able to install it, that would be even better. Thanks.

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